Brisbane Nightclubs and Social Distancing

For a lot of people, especially us introverted people, being physically distant in a nightclub seems like a dream come true! Imagine being in a club with amazing tunes, with your close friends/collegues, drinking your favourite drink. Also imagine, no one bumping on you, stepping on your foot, or elbowing you? And no one trying to muscle in on your space at the bar? Most people can get used to this concept.

Many people imagine this as they are waiting in line at Brisbane nightclubs right after Queensland lifted its lockdown. As of Saturday 6pm, all nightclubs and music venues in Brisbane are already allowed to operate. However, social distancing should always be practiced. This means that even though the nightclubs and music venues are already open, but the dancefloors are not. No dancing unfortunately.  

Partygoers are required to remain seated so that the dance floors are not crowded.

What are Dance Floors like inside Brisbane Nightclubs?

Music venues and nightclubs in Brisbane have submitted a couple of plans in order to prevent the virus from spreading, while allowing people to relax and enjoy their night. Those who have violated will be imposed with fines and even closure.

Multiple government agencies like the Office of Liquor and Gaming are working closely with each other to ensure that these entertainment establishments are complying with the public health protocols. These days, a vast majority of nightclubs, bars, and music venues are adhering the restrictions, while compliance teams are continuously engaging with licensees and monitoring the situation in these establishments.

Most nightclubs in Brisbane, like  Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane, opens at around 9:00 PM during Thursdays, Fridays Saturday and Sunday. We close at 3:00 AM.

In line with social distancing patrons must sign in using the Queensland government QR code. Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane provide QR codes so that customers can complete forms electronically.

Many Brisbane nightclubs have also implemented unique ways to ensure that physical distancing is always practiced by their customers. Mi Casa employs the very best security guards and RSA personnel in what people call then ‘Fun Police’. These staff in addition to the bar and wait staff observes the behaviour of partygoers in and outside and the establishment.

While customers are allowed to go near the bar, but only to get their drinks. Customers are prohibited from standing idly at the bar while consuming their beverages.

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