Clubbing tips when out at Mi Casa nightclub Brisbane

Now, I want to preface this article by saying that most of these tips are for women. Let’s face it, clubbing is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t take much to turn the night into a disaster. The good thing is that fun clubbing is more about common sense than paranoia.

So, as you head out on the town, here are a few tips to keep in mind from one clubber to another. Whether you are going out for your first experience, or frequently hit the clubs, these tips are important reminders to keep your night moving along so you can have a safe and fun night when out at a Nightclub Brisbane.

Don’t go alone or with strangers.

When you go out, go with a trusted friend. Having someone you trust is the best way for the two (or more) of you to watch each other’s backs. There are a lot of great people you’ll meet at the clubs, but there are also a lot of nefarious people. Having someone near you is another layer of protection. And besides, who wants to hit the clubs alone.

Even if you are going out with a friend it’s always important to let someone else who is not going with you, know what your plans are for the night.

Also, always know that Mi Casa staff are always available should you need assistance. Mi Casa security ,bar and management staff are some of the best when it comes to nightclub Fortitude Valley and will be there to assist you should you need it.

Get on a guest list.

Getting on a guest list definitely makes your night a lot smoother. Talk to one of our promoters today to get on their guest list 🙂

So what do you get with guest list? Getting on guest list saves you from lining up and gives you free entry.

Reserve a table if you have a group.

If you are heading out with a bunch of your friends, then reserving a table is a must. It might cost a little bit more (sometimes less), but the benefits are worth it. Most clubs with offer promotional packages for bigger groups. Depending on which club you go to and what kind of service you want table reservations and bottle service can get pricey. Most clubs will require spending a table minimum, while others have a per person rate. Check out our VIP reservations.

Of course, if it is just you and one or two friends, reserving a table may not be economical. Though, that doesn’t mean you won’t meet someone who invites you to their table.

Be shoe smart

Really, this isn’t talked about enough. When you go clubbing you will be on your feet all night – for hours. You’ll be walking, standing, dancing, and who knows what else. Essentially, you will be abusing your feet. Yes, we all like to look cute and a pair of sassy pumps may look good, but are they practical? The same goes for your dress or outfit. Your going to sweat. You are going to be moving. And you’ll probably be wedged in tight places at times. Your outfit should be able to handle these situations without discomfort or awkward fashion-slips.

Many clubs post a dress code and keep that in mind when you are going out. As for shoes, flats are great, but I always slip-on sneakers when I can get away with it.

Think sweat when you think make-up

A lot of women don’t think of this when they go into a club. But much like clothes, the wrong make-up can ruin the night. Personally, I like to go without. However, I always have something waterproof in case I change my mind before stepping into the club.

Don’t overpack your purse

Women like to be prepared, don’t they? That doesn’t mean that you need to carry a bag into the club like you’re hauling trash. I stopped bringing a purse into the club with me years ago. Now I just carry a small wallet that straps around my waist. It’s a little DIY, but at least I will always know where my ID and money is without worry someone will snatch it from the table.

I realised that it’s easier said than done to leave things behind. So, if you need to bring feminine products, make-up, phone, and other essentials, then consider a small clutch with a strap.

Create a check-in time

When you are clubbing it is important that you and everyone in your group know where each other are. Check in times can happen once an hour or a predetermined time you decide to leave. What this does is makes sure that everyone in your group is safe. A night of clubbing comes with a lot of distraction, wandering and meandering. There is a good chance you lose site of your friends. The golden rule for me is: if you arrive together, you leave together.

Establish save-signals

It’s inevitable that a guy (or girl) approaches and then things get weird. You need to get out of the situation, but don’t want to seem rude. My friends and I have signals that we can give to one another from across the room. This indicates to my friend that I need an out from the situation. Now, you don’t want to yell out, “Kaw! Kaw!” But a discreet signal such as swiping the back of your hand against your forehead or tapping your temple will do the trick.

Plan your travel ahead of time

The designated driver is an important part of any night out. But we all know how that often plays out – the DD is drunker than everyone else. To avoid that frustration and keep the night safe, decide ahead of time how you will get to and back from the club, or bounce from one club to the next. That likely means a rideshare company like Uber or Didi. Or, you can have a friend or family member pick you up who is not out clubbing.

Don’t first time yourself into awkwardness

This might be one of those tips that’s easier said than done. If you’ve never been to a club before, try not to get overwhelmed with the experience. You are there with your friends, you have a table, and while there are nefarious people, most are just there to have fun.

Sometimes you just need a drink or two to loosen up before stepping out on the dance floor or flirting. Take time to relax. Walk around to get to know your surroundings. Take in the atmosphere and the people around you.

Be safe about ordering your drink

Never accept a drink from a stranger. That is rule number one. Rule number two is to only order one drink at a time.

These rules exist to protect you from anyone who might want to slip something into your drink. It happens and you need to be careful. Having more than one drink (though it saves you from additional trips to the bar) also means you have that many more drinks to try and keep your eyes on.

You also never want to leave your drink unattended when you are dancing or use the rest room.

Move around

Going to a club is a social activity. You are surrounded by hundreds of people who are out to have a good time and meet other people. So, why not enjoy it? Move around the club with your friends, talk to new people. You never know who your next great friend will be, or your next partner.

Be careful with your personal information

We’ve all met that “perfect” person in the dim light and crowded noisiness of a club. But when the night is over you don’t know if that club guy is the same guy you’ve imagined in your head. Be careful with the personal information you give out. It may bring unwanted attention after you leave the club. Information to avoid giving out is your physical address, names of people close to you, where you work, etc.

I even try to avoid giving out my social media information and phone number. If I am interested in someone and want to give them a way to communicate with me after the club, I will give them my email address.

In conclusion

Clubbing can be a great experience. It’s fun, lively, an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and also fun exercise. But it is also important to club safely to ensure your night stays fun. Keeping these common-sense reminders at hand will keep you dancing and having a blast for years to come.