What is bottle service?

Do you enjoy being treated like a VIP when you enter a nightclub Brisbane? Bottle service is just as it sounds. You are paying for your drinks by the bottle. But it also comes with a lot more.

Most nightclubs don’t require bottle service, however, when you pay for it, you understand the value. Popular venues can make it near impossible to find a table and bottle service will guarantee you a VIP spot.

Bottle service means you are paying for the bottles, mixers, and tables. There are a variety of mixers available, but the standards are cranberry juice, orange juice, and tonic water. There are often citrus garnishes and mashes like limes, lemons, and oranges and more. Add-ons may include bottled water, soda, and energy drinks which are all applied toward your minimum spending requirements.

Bottle service at Mi Casa Nightclub Fortitude Valley also means that bottle service girls tend to your drinks, pour shots, and service the area while you have a good time.

How much is bottle service?

Each table booking bottle service has a minimum spending requirement. This is the amount of money that your table needs to spend on bottles of alcohol and mixers. And the service minimum varies based on time of day, day of week, and if there is an event. Service can range from $100 to $1,000 per person, though most bottle service pricing begins at $100 to $125 per person. Check out bottle service, VIP service page for what packages are available. We do offer custom packages to suit any occasion.

Bottle service minimums

A bottle service minimum is the agreed upon minimum spending you pay when you reserve a table at a club. At our club, minimums often begin around $200 and grow from there. The more people in your group, the higher your minimum becomes.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of variables in how much a table minimum is on any given day. For example, on Thursday and Sunday nights bottle service minimums might be $200. While on busier Fridays and Saturday’s bottle service minimums might start at $300.

Cost of Bottles

In addition to the minimum bottle service minimum cost, it is important to know the bottle cost. That is, the actual cost of the alcohol. The most commonly ordered alcohol is premium vodka which can range from $300 to $550 per bottle. Premium gins, tequilas, whiskeys, and rums are similarly priced.

Champagne has a broad price range from $150 to $550. Additionally, we can tailor bottles by request and with enough notice to acquire the bottles. For example, if you want an unforgettable night out, you can reserve a 15L bottle of Pol Roger Brut Reserve NV Nebuchadnezzar at $9,500 per bottle.

Advantages of bottle service

Bottle service is your one-stop VIP club experience. You don’t need to search for a table, and its like having your own bar within the club. It’s a place for you to flirt, play, and show off. Enjoy the club from a different vantage, bring guys or girls back to your table with the luxury of a great time at a cost often comparable to not having bottle service.

If you want to book a table you can book using our VIP Reservation or you can contact us on management@micasafv.com.au or 0410242014.