Shisha and Nightclubs in Brisbane

Shisha smoking came from the Middle East and some areas of Asia. But it has recently been the rave in Australia, especially for young people. Thus, many partygoers would often prefer looking for nightclubs in Brisbane that also has a designated shisha and smoking area. If you are opting to try this new rave and enjoy a great party at the same time, one great place you can go to is Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane.

What is Shisha Smoking

Shisha is a way of smoking tobacco through a hose or tube that is attached to a bowl. The tube or hose is attached with a mouthpiece where the smoker can breathe in the smoke from the tobacco. Charcoal, coal, or wood are commonly burned in the shisha pipe. This heats up the tobacco and create smoke. But while tobacco is the primary ingredient in shisha smoking, sometimes, fruits and molasses sugar are also added to enhance the taste.

Many people prefer shisha over cigarettes and regular tobacco, simply because of its rich taste, aroma, and flavor. Shisha has about 80 or more flavours including grape, kiwi, banana, raspberry, cherry, mango, and blueberry; but probably the most popular are apple, cola, mint, and strawberry.

What is the Allure of Shisha?

Shisha, apart from producing smoother smoke, has its own social benefit. Many young adults have taken a liking to this unique way of smoking, because it provides a unique way of socialiasing with friends.

People who smoke shisha are commonly different from most cigarette smokers. Shisha smokes in general prefer intellectual conversations. Many people prefer shisha over cigarettes due to its smooth flavours but also to get great conversations with other people. Shisha is also a great way to meet new, intellectual people. Most of these individuals are more likely to have compatible personalities to yours. Thus, making it a great addition to night life experience.

Shisha and Brisbane Nightclubs

Nightclubs in Brisbane, such as Mi Casa Nightclub Fortitude Valley, have reserved places for shisha smokers. While Mi Casa’s shisha area is separated from the other parts of the nightclub, shisha smokers and cigar smokers can still clearly listen to the nightclub’s music. This is because the area is installed with high quality audio equipment to ensure that partygoers do not only enjoy the smooth flavour of shisha, but also the relax their mind with amazing music. The area is also installed with lighting technology.

Apart from treating your auditory senses, partygoers can also expect to have lights to enhance nightclubbing experience. Nightclubs’ shisha areas are often decorated in modern, stylish themes that appeals to younger and older generations of partygoers. Along with the amazing music, lights and decorations, shisha smokers can also order and consume alcohol in these areas to further induce fun and relaxation.

Shisha selling and smoking is regulated Australian Laws. Therefore, nightclubs in Brisbane who have shisha areas make sure to completely adhere to these laws. These laws often include having a separate place for the shisha area and for general public, making sure that shisha smoke and cigarette smoke does not leak to the general public areas, as well as maintaining air quality inside the shisha area.

Enjoying Shisha Smoking

Commonly, in an establishment like Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane, partygoers ask their staff to get their own shisha when they arrive at the establishment. However, another great way to make sure there is shisha on your table is to call the establishment or book a reservation on their social media pages or their website. If it is your first-time trying shisha smoking, you can always ask the staff to give you a few pointers.

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