What to Expect When You Go to Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane

Are you planning to go to Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane, but don’ know what to expect? Partying is a common way for most people to relieve stress. This is also a common way to bond with friends or colleagues. Some people, especially single ones, go to nightclubs to meet new people and potential relationships. However, one thing that all of these people have in common, and that is all of them are looking for fun and enjoyment.

A nightclub is the perfect place to party. Aside from live music, amazing lights, and superb dancefloor; these places also offer a vibe and a place you can have a few refreshing drinks J. You can also dance to your heart’s content. You can drink and talk with your friends. You can even meet new ones.

If you are going for a night out in Brisbane, one establishment you can visit is Mi Casa Nightclub Fortitude Valley. Just in case you are new to partying at a nightclub or if you haven’t been to Mi Casa before, here are some of the exciting things that you can expect.

Amazing Music

Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane is graced with excellent and talented DJs including Tyron Hapi, Nino Brown, Chasedown, Perri Lee and Owe – just to name a few. Combining their talent with superb sounds system, customers can enjoy crisp, lively music. Mi Casa also boasts a wide selection of party music from rap and RnB to trap hits. Dance your heart out with amazing line up of party music.


Mi Casa, just like other nightclubs in Brisbane also offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages from light beers to hard liquors like brandy and whiskey. You can also order cocktails and other mixed drinks. VIP guests, who booked bottle service, are treated like celebrities. They are designated with an attractive waitress who will serve their choice of liquor together with mixers, glasses, etc. Bottle service is commonly preferred by most customers simply because it has a lot of benefits like immediate access to the nightclub, reserved table, and more.


The dancefloor is an integral part of nightclubs, which is why many of these establishment spend so much in order to make sure that the dancefloor is spacious. But aside from having enough space, the dancefloor of Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane can easily be seen, but dark enough to stimulate people party mode. This is thanks to superb lighting effects. Anyone who loves to dance to the tune of amazing music definitely will not be able to resist dancing on this establishment’s dancefloor.

Easy Dress Code

While most nightclubs have extra strict dress codes, Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane likes to keep things casual. If you visit their website or Facebook page and look at the photos, you will notice that they all casually dressed. Nightclubs that have casual dress codes are often more preferred by most people. The reason for this is that dressing up casually is relatively easy. A simple white or colored shirt coupled with a pair of jeans and neat sneakers will often do the job for guys. While the ladies are allowed to dress up in whatever they are comfortable with.

Smoking and Shisha Area

Do you want to smoke shisha or cigarette while partying? Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane has a smoking and shisha area where you can do just that. This establishment has created a separate space for smokers.

This separate place is also installed with sounds system so you can hear the live music from the dancefloor. This way, customers can also listen to the music while enjoying the taste of shisha or cigarette.

Other Customers

Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane is a common party destination of young people from all walks of life. While there is a wide diversity of people, they all have the same thing in common – and that is, they want to party all night long! Most of the people going to Mi Casa are young adults, who are fun and energetic. Most of these young adults are friendly and easy to approach, so if you are opting to meet someone interesting, Mi Casa is the best place to go.

More About Mi Casa Nightclub Brisbane

Mi Casa is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM. There are two ways to get into this amazing nightclub. The first one is through regular admission, which means you have to fall in line along with other regular customers. The next one is by reserving a table or a bottle service through their Facebook account, their website, or by calling their number.

If you want to book a table you can book using our VIP Reservation or you can contact us on management@micasafv.com.au or 0410242014.